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4.2.2022 Kontinuum 2022

New contributions to futurevoices | zukunftsmusik are WELCOME

After handing over the Deutschlandfunk Kultur stream to the new Kontinuum radio project "Ahnen in Arbeit | In Search of Good Ancestors" by Jonathan Chaim Reus on February 4th, 2022 "futurevoices | zukunftsmusik" continues online!

For more information about "Ahnen in Arbeit" see Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Friday, 04. February 2022, 00:05-01:00) and ORF Kunstradio (Sunday, 06. February 2022, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1)



27.11.2021 PORTALS @ modern body lab

modern body lab #3 portals takeover by composer performer Ji Kang

On Saturday 27 Nov. 2021 (17:00 - 20:00 CET), the Modern Body platform presents a special takeover edition of Future Voices / Zukunftsmusik titled 'Portals'. This 3rd takeover takes place during 'Modern Body Laboratory #3: Portals', a performative exhibition in The Hague, NL.

Presented as a performative multichannel sound installation, the piece takes over the 30-meter corridor of the exhibition venue to transform a utilitarian architectural throughway into an immersive sonic portal of our hopes, fears, and dreams about the future.

For this event, Modern Body has invited composer/sound artist Ji Youn Kang to take the helm with a hands-on 'code takeover' of the project, authoring a unique 3-hour journey. The exhibition also features a station where visitors can contribute their own thoughts to the Future Voices database.

Curatorial statement for the event by Modern Body:

"For more than a year we have been balancing on a threshold, at the precipice of something we cannot quite grasp, bracing ourselves to cross to some other side. We have a looming, collective sense of exiting the known and heading somewhere else; maybe this will be a radically different world, or maybe it will be exactly the same; maybe it will be a world with sweeping changes or one with small differences that barely matter; a step towards utopia or a plunge into dystopia. As we find ourselves crossing through this portal, we take a moment to hover in the nebulous spaces it offers, to gaze into some of the darkest voids and brightest rays of what is possible, to look into the past, the present, and the future, into realities and hypotheses, into lived experiences, empathic sensations, and thought experiments. For this third Modern Body Laboratory edition we present works that act as portals, transporting us to spaces, situations and vantage points that offer new perspectives, new visions, and new experiences, enabling us to reflect on the inertial forces of this collective hyperbody we all inhabit together – what we call humankind."



17.5.2021 – the takeovers editions

The project future voices - in German: zukunftsmusik - was designed with the idea of bi-directional radio: listeners can choose to make their voices heard and record contributions of their own on the spot, in a language of their choice. A collection of algorithms constantly recomposes these collected thoughts, feelings and opinions about the future into a multi-lingual stream of consciousness. 

Recently the "takeovers" were introduced: the "takeovers" are interventions by single artists or by a group of artists that use the potential and reach of this 24/7 streaming radio station for their own artistic content. The artists have different approaches: They either feed the existing algorithms for a limited amount of time with material that is dedicated to a specific idea, concept or topic or they temporarily add to the code that runs the system and weaves all the sonic contributions together.

The first such intervention was called "oracle": methods such as the I-Ching –that are meant to predict the future– were used but also questioned to select and create text material, which was then turned into spoken contributions for the future voices “machine”.

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On Thursday, May 13, 21:00-23:00 Berlin time ON STREAM 2 - current and future voices report and comment on the situation in Colombia _________ : The audiovisual reports recorded by Colombian citizens through their social networks - independently and in response to the lack of objectivity shown by the national media - are being collected and shared in various ways in order to promote a call for help for the abuses and violations of rights committed by police authorities and Esmad (mobile anti-riot squad) in the framework of the national strike 2021. The national strike that began last April 28 has been developing in the country as a protest initiative of the citizenship against unfair political, economic and social regulations and as a claim to the waves of violence that the Colombian population has experienced after the signing of the peace treaty (2016).

This Thursday, at 21h (Berlin) - 14h (Bogota), the time when the transition from day to night happens in Berlin (and as a reference to the sunset in Colombia, when the increase of abuses to protesters during the days of the strike has started), stream 2 of the radio platform will be taken by the voices of protest that the Colombian citizens have raised against the injustice and violence in which the country currently lives. Since April 28th, citizens in Colombia have taken to the streets to protest peacefully. Since then, due to the registration of individuals and independent media, we have witnessed a violent panorama in which the government and authorities have violently and authoritarianly contained the unrest and discontent caused by the decisions that have been taken for several years in terms of taxes on citizens, social investment, health, education and security. The live broadcast of the platform (on stream 2) will be taken with the intention of recreating the transition from peaceful protests, full of singing and dancing, to the distressing and crude panorama that has become due to the excessive intervention of the authorities and the lack of action and prevention that the government has shown in the situation. This action aims to turn this artistic space into a means of dissemination that amplifies the worrying events and the voices of those who are denouncing the abuses and outrages that have occurred since last April 28.

We thank those who have opened the possibility to intervene in this experimental space, but above all we thank all those who have documented by their own means the crisis situation that is being experienced in the country, all those who have shared the information and videos that have circulated in networks (and have begun to censor) and in general all those people who have shown courage and commitment in the struggle and resistance for a better country.

FutureVoices - is a project created by The Society For Non-Trivial Pursuits (S4NTP, a collective affiliated with the generative art / computer art class at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK).



29.1.2021 – Kontinuum 2021

radio feature about futuremusic | zukunftsmusik for Deutschlandfunk Kultur and ORF Kunstradio with contributions by members of the Society for Nontrivial Pursuits, including Vinzenz Aubry, Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, André Martins, Lisa Maria Steppacher and ChunLi Wang, by Anne Wellmer.